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Green energy week

This project is implemented within the framework of the Programme „Development of cross-border co-operation in the Hungarian and Ukrainian border regions” managed by VÁTI Hungarian Public Nonprofit Company for Regional Development and Town Planning commissioned by the EGT & Norwegian Financial Mechanism as well as by the National Development Agency.



Project objectives


promotion of green energy, encouraging activities against climate change and education of environmental consciousness;

minimum 10% increase of energy saving;

encouraging wide use of renewable energy sources in agriculture as well as reducing of fossil energy dependency of producers; and,

further use of new technologies.


Expected project impact

less waste products;

further spreading of selective waste collection, first steps towards waste recycling that as a rule requires less energy than primary production from raw materials;

energy saving reconstruction of buildings – minimum 20 residential buildings or local self-governments’ institutions within two years.

responding to environmental aspects in building investments, penetration of environment friendly technologies into real estate;

reduced energy use, that requires burning of less fossil fuel (coal, crude oil and gas), thus, less carbon dioxide gets into air; and,

less tree cut, new woods, green areas development that favours preserving of woods’ ability to bond carbon-dioxide.


Project activities


Kick-off conference

The Kick-off conference of the Project was held in Kölcse on 21st of April 2009 that was aimed at official opening of the programme, informing of partners, participants and stakeholders and summarizing of further project activities for public.



Information forums


The goal of the information forums is to instruct potential speakers and presenters of the regional expos, persons involved in any organizational tasks, to draft agendas and to formulate proposals.


Dates of the information forums:

Hungary – Kölcse – May 8, 2009;

Ukraine – Kosino – May 19, 2009.




Organization of Regional Expo:

The regional expo combined with the specialized conference where Ukrainian and Hungarian companies dealing with production of renewable energy sources, manufacturing of machinery applying this energy were presented to public.


Dates of the expos:

Hungary – Beregdaróc – the July, 30 – August, 1, 2009.

Ukraine – Uzhhorod – August 7-9, 2009.





The aim of the publication is to prepare a programme brochure with presentation of renewable energy sources and useful advices in three languages (Hungarian, Ukrainian and English) that will provide informs on significance of certain energy types, their strengths and weaknesses.




E-learning programme

Development and running through Internet a training programme based on e-learning method and educating environmental consciousness.


To be known about e-learning


The e-learning programme of the energy education materials serves the aim to support you in mastering of the environmental conscious behaviour pattern that will help you to achieve substantial energy savings in your own houses, working place or enterprise.


The training programme formulates different useful advices in the following fields:

- heating;

- water use;

- gas and electricity use;

- construction, reconstruction of buildings; and,

- energy certification of buildings.


Registration in the training programme is free and you may apply using the registration form attached.


There is less and less time left for longer training programme in our busy world today instead of them we are trying to access information and different knowledge through Internet. Thus, BIO-SZIL Non-profit Public Company together with the Project partners has developed an e-learning programme, that you may download at and to study it at any time suitable for yourself.

When you feel that you have mastered the training programme than you should download the examination test that you can send in electronic form to the e-mail address Ez az e-mail cím védett a spamkeresőktől, engedélyezni kell a Javascript használatát a megtekintéshez. . After sending the test our Company will review your test filled in one week time and if you succeed with the exam we shall post you a programme certificate.


We hope our training programme attracted your interest and will serve you useful advices. We wish you successful training!




Website development


Development of a website securing public access to information on the project activities and documents.

Regional expo.
Publications .